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Silo will be an Institute for training Nursing Assistants.

The main goal is to send trained staff in health area toward too many missionary projects around the world.

When the program ends, the student will have the following virtues:

Training and willingness to meet the needs in physical, mental and spiritual health, anywhere, including remote communities.

Attend medical emergencies in need of evacuation in hard to reach places.

Able to deal with any situation (related to the health area or not), that may occur at the designed site.

Encouraged to undertake projects or programs related to the area of health, which can provide support to other institutions or places where they are required.

Reason for the Project

Missionary outposts in Colombia and other countries are in need of people trained to help spread the gospel, and presently there is no training center in Colombia for this purpose. We would like to start a new training center here in Colombia that can provide missionaries and certified nurses to fill this void.

Without a training facility to draw our young people into service for the Lord, youth choose instead to attend colleges that have no missionary focus. Also, many potential missionaries are willing to enter service, but need additional tools and education to be fitted to reach certain people groups. Sometimes the blockage keeping missionaries from active service is that local governments require professional certifications before they will let outposts offer certain forms of medical services.


  • Have the high school completed.
  • Be older than 18 years old.
  • Make provision for the spends in feeding, uniforms, and medical supplies.
  • Have 1 year of experience in the missionary field.

The student will get:

  • Occupational Aptitude Certificate as Nursing Assistant Labor Technician
  • Practical Skills Elective Lessons


Colombia, Department of Antioquia, Municipality El Santuario, has been chosen because of the absence of institutions of this kind in this department, in addition, the place is propitious for the activities because it one mile away from the nearest town. At the same time the nearby communities will be greatly benefited with the projects that will be developed for the locality. The place is able to host 15 people, which is an appropriate teaching group with personalized attention to each student. In the following map is the route to arrive by bus from Medellín. The bus is diverted to the center, so you must walk from the Texaco Service Station to “The Foundation”.

Why should I sign up?

There are many people who are dying without knowing that God has the solution to all their problems.

The health area is an excellent door to approach them and show them God’s original plan for real health. In addition, it is not an institution like most, what we most want is for you to grow as a person interested in reflecting excellent principles and being a good influence wherever you are.

You will have the opportunity to experience real evangelism challenges in the adjacent communities. At the same time, local churches will have your help and energy.

Missionary work is given to men and not to angels because humans are the ones who need to change their character to be fit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do you have unconditional love for suffering humanity?

This place is for you! It’s exciting to know that there are young people willing to put aside everything that society teaches, and want to live under high standards and high moral principles! Fill out the form and we will contact you for an interview!