Silo Nursing Institute is in preparation to start classes, meanwhile we set out to provide our services at the San Vicente de Paul Community Center located in the Arcoíris neighborhood, in the El Santuario Town, Antioquia, Colombia. The purpose of this communal center is to organize and carry out many activities related to education, health, nutrition, psychology, among others … specifically aimed at the most vulnerable families who are refugees from that sector. It is important to mention that this community is 100% Catholic, which makes our access to these families with the gospel a little more complicated because of their deep-rooted traditions, but God has given me the opportunity to support the community center with nutrition classes, and a whole health program based on the 8 natural resources, during this program I got the opportunity to show the housewives the importance of taking advantage of the vegetable products of the season and a healthier preparation of them.

The cooking classes were a starting point for them to be interested in knowing more about the food we teach as an Adventist church. It was very gratifying to see the assistance and interest with which they asked questions about the preparations they had never imagined, now they say that they have learned to make the recipes in their homes and thus surprise their family with healthier and cheaper foods.

Now we are starting a program with the help of an agronomist on home orchards, with the goal that each family in the Arcoiris neighborhood can take advantage of the few spaces in their homes to plant and harvest organic food.

God gives us the tools, you just have to know how to use them to broadcast the message God assigned us.

I ask of your prayers so that this community remains receptive to the health message we profess.

By: Sandra May