In order to fulfill our nursing program

you need to follow some steps:

1. Sign up

You must be clear that the purpose of the program is preparing people to serve God through evangelism and missionary work in the area of health in the communities, urban or rural that are the most needing.

It is expected that you are willing to complete at least six months of service in a missionary project that requires your services anywhere in the world.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to fill the Application Form for Students.

2. You get ready.

Once your interview is approved, you will have to prepare your suitcase, to bring the necessary. The schedule is intense, so there will not be much time to devote to some things you usually do.

You will have to share a room (including stories, experiences and culture) with other missionaries, depending on the number of students it can be from two to four people per room.

The training will have a minimum cost, what is necessary to cover tuition and / or registration fees. You will also have to pay for your own food, personal supplies and communication expenses. You will be assigned the days you will have to prepare the food of your entire group, so prepare your best recipes!

The institution is not prepared to support you during the training process, it is simply a boarding school. If you must make expenses or additional purchases, someone else will have to send you the money, because it is unlikely that you will have time to carry out activities to make a profit. During the time in which you will be of service in the project that you will choose you will have to make the personal arrangements with the ministry that you will support.


3. You get trained

When you arrive you will meet other missionaries who, like you, want to serve God. The environment is the right one to personally grow and polish the aspects of your character that you need to change.

Days are like this: You make your personal devotion, then devotion to your bedroom (if you have to cook that day, you’ll have a little less time). Then you have the theoretical classes, and then lunch. In the afternoons are the kinds of skills such as English, Bakery, Agriculture, Evangelism (where community activities are included), and others that will meet the needs of the mission.

Some days you will support the maintenance work that must be done in the institution, so you will learn to manage resources when you need to do it. If you can, bring work boots, a bottle of water, and long-sleeved shirts to protect you from the sun. At night you do your homework after the service. And during weekends you will support the activities of the local church and / or contact interests for Bible studies and teaching it.


4. You go to the practices.

Once the theoretic instruction period is over, you will be sent to the Fire Department for your trauma practices and then to ambulance practices, finally you go to El Santuario Hospital for your nursing practices. In your free time, your services will be required in the activities of Evangelism, Vacation Bible Schools, Community Projects, Health Talks in Rural Communities and of course the continuity of the Biblical Studies.


5. You start your trip for the call that you received.

After of practices we have the Consagration Ceremony.

Students are sent to the place of the world that they have chosen to go as missionaries. Maybe they would go to a very different culture than they are used to. This is the point where they begin to depend of God and less on themselves. “Nobody learns to swim if not jump into the water”. This experience will be so crucial for each one of them, depending on it, all of them will decide if they continue in the missionary field or not.

Please keep them in pray, they will be assault strongly by the enemy of souls, who will try to discourage them in all the possible ways. Too many of interceding prays

Los estudiantes son enviados al lugar del mundo al que han soñado ir como misioneros. Tal vez irán a alguna cultura muy distinta a la que están acostumbrados, y es en  éste punto donde comienzan a depender de Dios y menos de sí mismos. “Nadie aprende a nadar si no se lanza al agua”. Y ésta experiencia será crucial para cada uno de ellos, dependiendo de ella, muchos decidirán si continúan en el campo misionero o no.

Please pray for them, they will be strongly attacked by the enemy of the souls who will try to discourage by all possible means. And many of the intercessory prayers for them will remind them that there is no proof that can not be endured.

Once this period of six months is over, the title of Professional Technician in Nursing will be sent to the place where they are.

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