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Those who surrender their youth to God will receive hundred times more, besides, eternal life! (Matthew 19:29)

Jesus is needing you!

Be one of those who cares about humanity!

Silo is getting ready to be a Nursing Auxiliars Training Institute.

The objective is to meet the need for trained healthcare personnel in various missionary projects around the world.

Upon completing the program, Silo graduates will possess the following virtues:

Trained and willing to address the needs in physical, mental, and spiritual health, anywhere, including hard-to-reach communities.

Attend to medical emergencies requiring evacuation in hard-to-reach locations.

Capable of handling any situation (related to the healthcare field or otherwise) that may arise at the designated site.

Motivated to undertake projects or programs related to the healthcare field, which can provide support to other institutions or locations that require it due to the needs of the area.

Why Silo

Many of the diseases nowadays are due to the incorrect way we eat and an unhealthy lifestyle. In some places, they are caused by lack of hygiene, and in most of these places, people don’t have easy access to the healthcare system or don’t even have it.

Silo trains professionals with the ability to connect with the real needs of individuals, providing not only physical health but also mental and spiritual well-being.

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  • Completed secondary education.
  • Be of legal age.
  • Manage resources for expenses related to food, uniforms, and supplies.
  • Have 1 year of experience in missionary work.
  • Have read and be willing to accept the Institution’s Code of Conduct and Rules.

Student will get:

  • Certificate of Occupational Aptitude as an Auxiliary Technical Nurse.
  • Practical Skills Classes that will allow you to expand your sphere of influence.

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Colombia, specifically the Department of Antioquia, Municipality of El Santuario, has been chosen due to the absence of institutions of this kind in the department. Additionally, the location is conducive to the activities as it is in a rural community that is close enough to the town. At the same time, the nearby communities will greatly benefit from the projects that will be developed for the locality. The place is equipped to accommodate 15 people, which provides an appropriate group size for personalized attention to each student.

Why should I get involved?

There are many people who are dying without knowing that God has the solution to all their problems.

The healthcare field is an excellent gateway to approach them and show them God’s original plan for true health.

Furthermore, unlike most institutions, our greatest desire is for you to grow as an individual interested in reflecting excellent principles and being a positive influence wherever you are.

You will have the opportunity to experience real evangelism challenges in the adjacent communities.

At the same time, local churches will benefit from your assistance and energy.

Missionary work is entrusted to humans and not to angels because humans are the ones who need to change their character to be fit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do you have unconditional love for suffering humanity?

This place is for you!

It’s exciting to know that there are young people willing to set aside everything that society teaches and who desire to live by high standards and elevated moral principles!

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