One day in June we received the invitation to a missionary trip in July to a place in Colombia called Paujil. We had a month to prepare for each morning each of us prayed and asked God to provide the necessary resources for that yearned missionary trip. For some of us it was the first time in an event like that, and others already had experience, but in the same way we felt the emotion of being able to participate in the great work that God left us in this world of being able to preach the gospel to all people. Every day that passed the date was getting closer, and we were still a little worried because none had the financial resources to travel, we did activities to raise funds but they were not enough, we prayed fervently for God to give what was necessary until the time came The day before the date of the trip, we thought that nobody could go, but we got the news that there was a small contribution for the tickets, of course, we were very happy to thank God.

We were separated almost 20 hours from Medellín to Paujil, during the tour we could appreciate the rich landscapes that Colombia has its mountainous green area and amounts of lakes. To be able to feel the change of climate from a pleasant cold to a warmer temperate, then finally We arrived in the town of Paujil, a not-so-large town with only 20 thousand inhabitants.

We stayed in a house offered by a sister of the church, little by little, the other members of the group who would participate in the activity arrived. Each one became familiar with the place. After a few hours the group was completed, we were 35 people ready to do the work on my part I had not seen so many people drive for the same cause. it really was a great challenge for only 5 days. so we organize in groups of 5 to 6 people. There were people trained in the area of ​​nutrition, psychology and physiotherapy to cover the entire town. Every day the groups went out throughout the day to visit people throughout the town, at night the evangelistic campaign was held where more than 100 people attended each meeting with the desire to hear the word of God. we were able to carry out activities such as classes of cooking, bread making classes, we even lent the help of building a house for a man. it really was an exceptional experience for each of us, we learned to improve in shortcomings we had. Now I am more convinced that it is the work of God, because when I left I did not imagine that the population would respond in the way that it did. I think it was God who prepared everything before, and now I feel happy to be his instrument.

By: Abel González.