Juan Gabriel, a young member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church where we attended El Santuario, I served as director of singing service and audiovisual manager of the church. Sometimes he asked permission from his parents who are also members of the church for lunch on Saturdays with us, other days he came on Sundays to play football. Little by little his family was having more friendship with the missionaries.

As the months went by, the young man’s behavior began to change and he was no longer as good, as he began to oppose his parents and to receive very bad influence from his classmates. His parents were sad and did not know what to do with him because he insisted on making his own decisions.
One day after a small family discussion, he decided to escape from his home and went to the home of one of his friends and spent two days there with his friend. His parents, worried about him, decided to speak with the director of our institution to see if the young man could stay with us.
Arrangements were made and Juan Gabriel agreed to stay with us for a while. The first days for him were a bit difficult because he had to go to school from 7 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon and then join the work in different areas. His attitude was not so good because the activities were a bit heavy for his custom. Besides, his mood did not help him much because he later told us that there were things that afflicted him too.

The boys at the beginning helped him improve some habits and remind him to do his devotion to the staff and little by little he got used to the routine. His behavior was improving and he began to have a better attitude with routine work. One day we realized that one of his greatest tastes was riding a bicycle, hanging on trucks and putting his own life at risk. The matter was discussed with him and he continued to do the same because he liked speed very much. Some privileges were restricted as a result of this and over time he decided that he was no longer comfortable and decided to leave the institute as well. His parents were worried because he went with his friends to sleep some nights in an abandoned house. His mother prayed asking God for taking care his son who was experiencing his free life. However, it was not long until he committed some faults, and his parents this time asked to the civil authorities to admonish him. Although it was hard for them, it was the way God used for him to return home. Last week her mother expressed in the Church that she is very grateful God for the changes for the good that are happening in terms of family harmony. Of course, we also thank God for his works.

By: Laudith Meriño