One day, we received a call from one of our neighbors, that we would leave on an agreed day together with the other neighbors to clean the common road and ditches. The day arrived and we went out with our tools, we explained the work to be done, which was to clear the weeds of the road and cut branches that obstruct the vision, because in the rainy season the water can significantly damage the road if you do not prepare a adequate channel during the summer.

I noticed that our nearest neighbor did not leave to participate in the work, I decided to call her phone and she told me she would leave in the afternoon or send one of her employees.

We returned in the afternoon to continue with the work and we had a great surprise to see the unexpected reaction of our neighbor, raising her voice strongly: What have you done? How will they end nature? I love nature and I am an environmentalist! You are ignorant! Among other words. The truth is that we had nothing to say, because we knew we had not cut down trees or something like that. He warned us that we would be reported to the local environmental entity.

We did not understand her reaction and apologize for our inexperience in the evil caused to her. It was a very sad and clicked day, we thought he would like to have cleared his way and that way we would also gain his friendship.

During that week, we were praying for her and her family, it was not easy to hear her comments and be ignored. A few days passed and a group would be leaving on a missionary trip to a place quite distant from our project. In that week that we were on the missionary trip I received a call from the neighbor, I felt in a better tone and she told me that she wanted to apologize for her attitude and also ask for a favor: She said: “My mother is now at home and I will need help from your group to attend it, will it be possible? ”I told him that I would coordinate with the group that had remained in the project and on our return we would be more to support him.

Today we thank God because he made provision of the means so that we could support this family. Relationships are now very good, thank God. Now he invites us before and after attending to his mother to sing and pray.

Definitely, God works in the midst of our mistakes for good.

By: Genith Puentes.