The day I write this story, God is giving me the opportunity to fulfill another year of life. There are spent 25 years filled with many rewarding experiences and also experiences that have made me learn life lessons that have shaped me the woman I am now. I can not doubt that during all this time God has been with me and even when I fall he is always there to get me up.

A long time ago in me arose a desire to serve my God as a missionary, the problem was that I did not know what steps I should take to fulfill that desire and the call of God, so I started a search of places to which I wanted to go, but nothing happened, there was not any success when I tried to be a missionary, it was then that a person made me ask myself the reasons why I wanted to be a missionary, if it was the fact of knowing new places, traveling to different countries or it was that I really wanted God to guide my life and he would take me to the places he had prepared for me.

I had to rethink my desires and ask God what he wanted from me and really let him guide me. It was so that an opportunity for a missionary course in the country of Belize was opened, those months were very hard for me, it was as if God wanted me to unlearn everything I knew so far, renounce my desires and through tears, angers and many people who were there to help me continue God will show me the meaning of my life, but when I thought I had already learned what I needed to learn about being a missionary came a new opportunity to serve but now it another country . And it was so that on January 13, 2019, I traveled to the country of Colombia, a country with a culture completely different from mine.

It has been several months since I arrived at this place. During this time I have had the opportunity to meet many people, work with them and for them. I have been able to work in construction, agriculture and now God has opened the opportunity to enter the community. Two days a week I walk 20 minutes to get to the community of San Vicente de Paul to be able to talk to people about topics of family interest. In this community I have seen faces full of sadness, without hope, young people with phobia of leaving their homes, mothers worried about their families, homes that do not find a way to solve their problems. I see the need for them to know about God, that is why together with all the volunteers who are working in Silo, we have proposed to help that community, I know it is not easy and we still have a long way to go, but God will train to be able to do a great job in that place.

This call is not just for us, God has called each of us to fulfill a mission in this world. Perhaps in your heart is the desire to be a missionary, but for now you can not leave your city or your country, but remember that there are many people around you who are waiting to know the God you serve. Do not miss the opportunity to preach to others about the great God who has guided, guided and will continue to guide your life, just as he has done with mine. If you want to know more about our work in the Silo Foundation, I invite you to read the stories of other missionaries who, like me, are doing a great job for the people of this place. Follow our activities because there are still many stories to write a great way to go. This work is still beginning. God bless you.

By: Thalita de la Cruz