One Sunday night at 7pm, a call came from a neighbor who kindly told us that some cows that was on our farm had weakened the fence and had escaped.

So I went out with two brothers and found one of them wandering along the path of the rural area. With difficulty we returned it and also with difficulty we could go to sleep thinking about the other one. So we decided to pray that no greater evils would happen. The next day around 8 o’clock in the morning we heard bellows and I went out with Brother Eladio to look for it and we saw that it was coming back, we took it quickly by the lasso and the cow began to run. It was dragging us with great force and finally we could hardly hold it. Eladio started screaming to it and we struggled with the cow for a long time until it finally got tired. We assure it, apparently.

Suddenly it began to run and the rope tensed so fast that it passed behind my knees until he was completely encircling me. The cow did not stop to see if it hurt someone so I got up about 1 meter from the ground and fell spectacularly to the stony road. I could not get up and the pain was very strong. Eladio tried to help me and even then I could not get up

Being on the ground the cow came back to me and I got scared enough to get up and ignore the pain. Carl came to help me and they took me to the hospital, where I stayed for 6 hours under observation.

In that situation, my wife and I had the opportunity to speak about the word of God to a patient who was by our side, and to share the hope of salvation. It was there that I remembered that in the midst of pain God gives us opportunities to reach places and people in more difficult conditions than ours.

So far my recovery has been very satisfactory and I thank God for using me as his instrument.

By Arnulfo Patiño.