One day, news came that a sister from the United States wanted to send some clothes in good condition to distribute to people who needed them as a gift for the date of December 24, so we told her that she could send it to our project, dates were agreed and the shipment arrived. One afternoon we took time to make the gift packages, some were given to the children of the church, and others were given to friends of a sister of the church that resides in the town.

The mothers were very grateful for the gesture and we took the opportunity to coordinate a second friendly visit. On the second visit, one of the ladies told me and my partner that there was a community center in the town where the government offered health training to those who wanted, and seeing that our institution and the community center had similar objectives they recommended us to get in touch with them, so both institutions being able to join efforts for the community.

We took the opportunity, and quickly we were able to get an appointment with the director of the community center, who is a doctor, and as expected, she was happy to have volunteers in her institution. She told us that she would be commenting about our case to her organization and would give us an answer. So we prayed that we would be given the opportunity to give health talks to the refugee families of the Rainbow Colony of El Santuario.

Finally an answer arrived and thank God we were given two days of the week for nutrition talks and personalized consultations, since no practitioners from the government were sent to that module, we have enough space to be in contact with the most In need, the challenge for me now, since I’m a nutritionist, is with the help of God to show these families how to eat well despite their low income. The attendance response to nutrition talks and consultations has been very good.

I am also a volunteer missionary in this project, and last week I didn’t have the resources to cover my personal expenses, and the same day that I realized this, the director of the module gave us an incentive for participating in the community center, now with those resources I can to cover some personal expenses, to support my fellow missionaries and to contribute with the funds of the Pathfinder Club of the Church of El Santuario town, that is needing it so much.
God is faithful to fulfill his promises and he is willing to always meet our needs at the right moment, well he says in his word: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)

By Sandra May